Sunday, 18 December 2016

Eri Silk, Part 2

So my wet mass of silk fibres has dried, and with a little teasing out, it looks a lot better than it did last night.

In amongst the fibres, there are some of the innermost layer of the cocoons still visible.  These don't always degum very well, they feel very papery.  I usually take the larger bits out during the process of carding - here are the fibres ready to card.

And here is what they look like after carding.

There are some nice long, silky fibres combed out, but lots of bits too - if I had more of the fibre, I could pull out the smoother, silky pieces and spin them up separately to produce a finer and more even yarn, but there's not that much fibre, so I don't want to waste it.  I'm going to spin the lot, so it will be a bit uneven and slubby.  That's what we call a textured yarn!  I decided to spin it on the hand spinner as there is only a small amount.  Here is the completed spun thread.


The next step is to ply it - I did this by cutting the thread in half and twisting the two strands together,  Plying makes the yarn stronger and evens it out a bit too.  So here is my finished yarn.  Its turned out a nice ivory colour, but silk takes up dyes really well so I'm not sure yet what this will end up as.  Its not a huge amount, but its not bad from just 14 cocoons.

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